Quickblade UV88 – UV82


The latest addition to the Quickblade family of paddles, the UV 88 is the lightest, strongest and most powerful blade they’ve ever created! 
This paddle is all about more power, less effort. The signature scoop creates a stronger catch with a smaller surface area, while the new “Black Diamond Elite” shaft is the strongest and lightest carbon creation from Quickblade yet. Excess materials have been strategically removed with more being added back in just the right places to maximise strength while minimising weight!

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De nieuwste peddel in het Quickblade gamma: de UV reeks

All carbon gewicht 453,6 gram
UV-88 is 17,78 cm breedte x 45,72 cm lengte
UV-82 is 17,15 cm breedte x 44,45 cm lengte